About Us

Wood ‘N’ Barnes is a small, accessible, progressive publishing house delivering smart, high-quality books by respected authors. We are passionate about Experiential Education and have a well-established tradition and reputation for being at the forefront of the Experiential Education publishing field. The partners of the WNB collective are actively involved in the field day to day, and we are dedicated to getting the word out about experiential learning.

We strive to deliver practical tools and activities blended with philosophical foundations. Our goal is to become the premier resource for educators, therapists, counselors and trainers who are using experiential methods to create positive change in the individuals and groups with whom they work.

We look forward to your support and feedback. Let us know how we can serve you better and continue to make a difference. We’re in this together!


“There is more than a verbal tie between the words common, community, and communication…. Try the experiment of communicating, with fullness and accuracy, some experience to another, especially if it be somewhat complicated, and you will find your own attitude toward your experience changing.”
-John Dewey

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