Blind Slalom

Our last few Friday Lessons have focused on “Executive Functioning” and some simple activities that help learners practice cognitive and social/emotional skills. Here is another adaptable activity from John Bergman and Saul Hewish’s book Challenging Experience.
Blind Slalom

  • Practice visual mapping.
  • Practice controlled behavior.
  • Practice safe physical behavior.


  • Have the group stand in a diagonal line across the room, evenly spaced.
  • Tell them that each  person on the line symbolizes a flag in a ski slalom.
  • Ask for a volunteer to stand at one end of the line.  This person is the skier.
  • Instruct the skier to look down the line and remember where all the flags are placed.  “When you can see them in your mind’s eye, close your eyes.  Take off down the hill and ski around them.”
  • The last flag (person) at the other end of the line stops them when they get to the end.
  • Then everyone moves “up the line” one place and the next person begins skiing down the slalom.


  • What did it feel like to slalom?
  • What did you do to be successful?
  • How hard is it to keep hold of something in your mind?
  • What did you have to overcome in order to do the exercise?

Challenging Experience: An Experiential Approach to the Treatment of Serious Offenders. John Bergman and Saul Hewish (2003) Oklahoma, City, OK: Wood ‘N’ Barnes Publishing.

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