Bookmaking as Assessment in the Classroom: Another Excerpt from The Bookmaking Experience

At times subject matter and specific academic skills determine the selected book format. At other times the decision is based on available materials or specific purpose. Throughout all formats, of course, the process engages participants in the activities and provides for reflective learning. Several formats are naturals for debriefing an experience, others for showing sequencing, and yet others for exploring characters or events or experimental results. Sometimes the process of creating the book challenges math and critical thinking skills.

Making books can be an intentional assessment tool. If the project is to explain the three branches of government, and the student designs a book that has three parts, each correctly identifying and describing one of the branches of government, the instructor can readily agree that the student understands the intended concept. Rather than taking time for a pop quiz, the instructor can move forward with greater depth on that subject or with the next part of the curriculum.
Student Made Books

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