Collaboration and Bookmaking

Collaboration and Bookmaking: More from the authors of The Bookmaking Experience: An Educators Guide to Student Made Books

Bookmaking is inherently collaborative in nature. One of our constant themes is “help your neighbor.” Designing and creating a blank book is one part of collaboration. Designing the content, determining the message, communicating the information, and relating the individual and/or group experience is another level of collaboration. Bookmaking is an excellent activity to facilitate identifying the boundaries between the personal experience and the group experience, and building a bridge between them.

Hands on activities enhance the learning environment, motivate students to collaborate, and empower them to take risks. That process leads to students assuming greater responsibility for their own learning environment as they share ideas, observe classmates, and naturally identify other areas to explore and ideas to pursue. That leads to a natural bridging of curricular areas, which further challenges the learner.

Here is another great student book-making activity example from The Bookmaking Experience:


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