Are You More Like…?/What Would It Be Like…?: A Back-to-Back Book of Anytime Questions for Anysize Answers

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“Are you more like an experience or a metaphor?  What would it be like to be lost in a foreign country?”

Open-ended questions designed to encourage youth to think beyond daily occurrences and stretch the imagination to the possibilities of life.  Thinking deeply and responding to these questions creates a more honest and profound understanding of self, others, and life.

The What Would It Be Like…? questions can be answered in one word (usually a feeling word) or they can be expanded on if the group is ready and there is time.  Use these in group sessions, during transition times, anytime.

The Are You More Like…? questions are great for icebreakers and for personality identification and like/dislike elimination.  Have fun with them!


Excerpt from the Book

Activity Idea for Are You More Like...

Procedure: Clear the center of the room as much as possible and form a nice big circle with your group.

Ask the players to choose one of the two characteristics from each statement you are going to read. If they are more like the first characteristic, have them step inside the circle. If they are more like the second characteristic, have them stay where they are as part of the circle. Leave a little time between each statement to give the students a chance to see who else is standing with them. Play along with them, by just stepping in and out of the circle as you read.

That’s the simple gist. We like to use this activity as our introduction to the process of active learning (getting up and moving around). We keep it simple the first time with a little processing after. Down the road we can use this activity again to bring out more personal perspectives and discussions.

Sample questions:
Are you more like...
wacky or weird?
noon or midnight?
a flower or a weed?

More sample questions:
What Would It Be Like…
• if time stopped?
• to read minds?
• to be caught shoplifting?

Table of Contents

What Would It Be Like...:1001 Anytime Questions for Anysize Answers
Are You More Like...: 1001 Colorful Quandaries for Quality Conversations
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