Michael P. Mueller

Michael Mueller is a professor of secondary education with expertise in environmental and science education in the College of Education at the University of Alaska Anchorage. His philosophy focuses on how privileged cultural thinking frames our relationships with others, including nonhuman species and physical environments. He works with teachers to understand the significance of cultural diversity, biodiversity, and nature’s harmony.

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Books by Michael P. Mueller

Connecting Children to Nature: Ideas and Activities for Parents and Educators

This is a practical, how-to book. The chapters in this book, written by professionals from backgrounds in both school and informal education, offer examples and activities utilizing many outdoor settings, from backyard and neighborhood to study abroad. You will find fresh ideas and useful resources for parenting infants to teens and college students, or teaching pK-16, or even teaching teachers, and it is all about the theory and practice of introducing children of all ages to the phenomena of nature and building upon their experiences to grow their naturalist intelligence and critical conscience.

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