Nancy MacPhee Bower

Nancy MacPhee Bower has worked in the experiential education field for most of her adult life. She was initially drawn to work with very young children when her own children were preschoolers. After 16 years of adventuring with preschoolers and elementary-aged children, she can happily say that she has found her niche. She teaches Adventure Play classes at a variety of schools in Maine. She also facilitates workshops for teachers and child care providers who want to add more play and more peace to the lives of the children they work with. She lives in Cumberland, Maine with her husband, Bob, and their three children.

Contact information:
Nancy MacPhee Bower
Adventure Play
P.O. Box 563
Cumberland, ME 04021

Books by Nancy MacPhee Bower

Adventure, Play, Peace: Insights and Activities for Social-Emotional Learning and Community Building With Young Children

Does your community become more caring simply because you are playing together? Quite possibly, yes. AND, we can certainly add education within the play setting, giving children “lessons” along the way. These lessons are the insights and wisdom about being a good person, making friends, being peacemakers and much more.

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