Rich Keegan

Rich Keegan’s first career after graduating from Penn State University was in the sports television business. He covered various sporting events including the NFL, MLB, NHL and the NBA. During this time he received cable television’s highest award for excellence for his work on NFL telecasts. This work also gave him a chance to travel and work in countries such as Canada, Japan, the former Soviet Union, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, and England. These experiences enabled him to see how games and sports have the power to bring diverse cultures and peoples together in a positive way.
For the last 19 years Rich has been teaching physical education at Simsbury High School in Simsbury, Connecticut. He continually brings new and creative programs to the Simsbury School Community. In addition to the diversity curriculum, Rich introduced Simsbury to experiential and adventure education. Rich wrote and received numerous grants which resulted in three challenge courses being built at the elementary, middle school, and high school levels. His efforts have resulted in adventure education being a core element to the Kindergarten through 11th grade physical education program.
Rich was trained by the Anti-Defamation League, the Martin Luther King Nonviolent Conflict Reconciliation Program and Hope Works Inc. Because of this training, Rich has facilitated diversity programs for the Simsbury School System. These programs are for the Multicultural Club, Anti-Defamation League, Junior High School Leadership Academy, Mentor and Ally programs and trainings for teachers and athletic coaches.
Rich is also a physical education facilitator/trainer for the Connecticut State Department of Education. He earned his Master’s Degree in Education from SUNY Cortland, his Administrative Certificate from Southern Connecticut State University and his 7th year degree in Experiential and Adventure Education.
Sports have been a big part of Rich’s life including coaching lacrosse at the high school, prep school and college levels. He is a two time Connecticut High School Lacrosse Coach of the Year and the first recipient of the Connecticut Lacrosse Officials Sportsmanship Award.
He lives in Simsbury, Connecticut with his wife of many years and his two favorite daughters!

Books by Rich Keegan

Global Games for Diversity Education: New Ways of Learning in the 21st Century

I believe that the best teaching is done when there is a sense of fun, joy and happiness. There is a place for work when learning and play occur; however, this work should be done in a caring, supportive, safe and trusting environment. Play, fun and happiness can be a great motivator. Teaching the 10 Diversity Life Skills should be an enjoyable experience for everyone and help make positive changes for the people you serve.

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