Friday Lesson: Soundtrack of My Life

Inspired by Journaling in the Classroom: Educators shares how they have used journaling prompts from The Me I See, 2E with their students.

July’s Friday Lessons have been focused on learning through writing and reflection with examples from our own The Me I See, 2E. Last week Heidi Pauer shared examples from her high school classroom. This week Lisa Towne a School Psychologist from Greenwich New York shared examples of using The Me I See in her group counseling sessions.

Lisa shares: I started off the school year with The Me I See on Day 1. I provide group counseling to some of our high school special education students within their classroom settings. The same lesson was used in a Life Skills class and an 11th grade English class. I introduced our objective of building leadership development skills including self-control, compromising, working as a team, communicating effectively, and so on. First I took some time to “build community” within the group using some icebreakers. The adults in the room as well as the students participated and there were lots of laughs.

Next, I introduced the concept of “reflection” as an exercise in knowing ourselves, being aware of our personal values, personal goals, and assets as a person. I emphasize with students that this awareness allows us to be in the driver’s seat of our own life, not just bounce around reacting to events and people. Driving is a huge preoccupation with teens, so it seemed to be a metaphor that worked, especially with these concrete learners. I let the students know that we will be doing reflecting exercises each week, something new for us this year. Reflecting need not be done in monkish solitude, but can be done conversationally and collaboratively.

On Day one, we started with “The Soundtrack of My Life” from The Me I See, 2 Ed. Students enjoyed the activity, and most were interested in sharing their responses, which ranged from musical groups to people’s voices to sounds in nature to New York City taxicabs. It was a very successful beginning to the school year!

The following is The Soundtrack of My Life page from The Me I See, 2E ©2009—an easy-to-use collection of journaling prompts produced by the Wood ‘N’ Barnes Collective.

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This lesson is compliments of The Wood ‘N’ Barnes Collective.

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  1. Deb Thibodeau says:

    I have had a really great experience utilizing “The Me I See” during clinical work for one fifth grade student in particular struggling with where she fits in this world. Her parents are amid a very harsh divorce, she being the youngest of several sisters still living at home. She has found it very difficult and painful to figure out where she is among the chaos in her family at this time. She feels that she has lost her identity. The child had a difficult time opening up during typical CBT Therapy, yet found herself easily sharing her journal entries with me each week via the prompts in the book. The exercises helped her to move through her pain and re-identify herself and her place in this new constellation. Loved the tear out pages, as this made it very easy to photocopy and create a journal that she could use. Thank you for providing this resource to Guidance Counselors!

    Deb Thibodeau

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