More from the Bookmaking Experience: An Educator’s Guide to Student Made Books

More from The Bookmaking Experience: An Educators Guide to Student Made Books by Carol Ruth Carlin, Mary Ann Germanson, Joanna Gonzalez and Madeline Huston

Making simple books provides a powerful tool for incorporating the best ideas and practices in human development and effective education. Inherently inclusive and collaborative in nature, weaving subject matter content and academic skills with engaging activities that provide reflective opportunities, the simple act of making and using one’s own book builds bridges across the learning environment.
Most ages can participate in bookmaking, from three-year-olds to elders in a senior care facility. Individuals with a wide range of abilities and challenges can, with appropriate adaptations, succeed in making these small books. Of course, there are techniques that work better with one group than another, and we share our experiences and those of others who have successfully worked with the diverse ages, skills, and challenges.
Human development as embodied in learning is complex, multidimensional, and challenging. Everyone can be involved. Making books provides a fun, challenging, creative, and practical tool to guide that journey. As an alternative to pen or pencil activities, the process enhances enjoyment and allows students to review collaboratively while discovering new insights in a fun and unique way.

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