Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

Here in the US we are celebrating Thanksgiving next week.

Thanksgiving = Experiential Education

setting the table
figuring out how to fit all those people in one small space
football on the lawn
cheering your teams on
cleaning up
doing something with those left overs…
we could go on and on…

When these activities are done together, we can learn a lot about ourselves and others and generate a little experiential education.

In the spirit of our back-to-back book Are You More Like…?/What Would It Be Like…? by Chris Cavert & Susana Acosta, here are a few fun ideas for turkey table conversation. Put the options in a basket and pass it around the table to involve everyone in the asking and answering.

Are You More Like…
cranberry sauce or sweet potatoes?
Thanksgiving Day or The Fourth of July?
flag football or The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade?
deep fried turkey or honey baked ham?
china or paper plates?
fall follage or spring flowers?
the adult table or the kid table?
the big meal or the left overs?
a crowd or just family?
thanks or giving?
a wishbone or the neck bone?
pumpkin pie or the Jack-O-Lantern?
be creative and make up you own…

Happy Thanksgiving!
The WNB Collective

Happy Thanksgiving

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