Jeff Albin

Jeff Albin is the son, grandson, and nephew of farmers, warriors, and proud matrons.  He is proud of the fact that like many Americans his ancestors come from many parts of the globe.  He takes much of his inspiration from the First Peoples of this continent and has spent the last fourteen years hanging out (he avoids the word studying) with Lakota spiritual teachers and elders.  He credits his unique view of counseling, family, education, learning and community to the teachings of these elders, the most respected of whom is Buck Ghosthorse.  Jeff believes that the solutions to our future lie in wisdom from the past.  He has dedicated his life to a world where all children know true freedom and joy.

Jeff grew up in the Eastern Washington town of Wenatchee.  Hunting and camping trips with his family and friends around the Great Pacific Northwest helped develop his love of nature and adventure.  Much of his life has been invested in sea kayaking, rafting and as a crosscountry ski guide.  In 1984, he soloed the Inside Passage in a kayak.  In 1989, he co-led the first joint Russian/American sea kayak expedition down the Syr Darya river in Soviet Central Asia (Uzbekistan/Kazakhstan)).  Jeff has been working in schools since 1995 as an Intervention and Prevention Specialist.  His unconventional but systemic approach to prevention has earned him well deserved accolades.

Jeff facilitates corporate retreats, peer helper trainings, community building “family nights,” culture camps, and is a frequently requested presenter at conferences.

He graduated from Western Washington University in 1986 with two BA’s in English, one BA in Secondary Education, and a secondary teaching certificate.  Following graduation, Jeff worked in social services, mental health, juvenile rehabilitation and education.  He is a certified chemical dependency professional and has been working in the field since 1988 when he began running sea kayaking retreats for at-risk youth and adults in early recovery.  He presently lives with his wife of 12 years off the grid in a solar and wind powered home a mile from where the county road turns to gravel.

Book: Changing the Message: A Handbook for Experiential Prevention

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Books by Jeff Albin

Changing the Message: A Handbook for Experiential Prevention

Fun, entertaining activities demonstrate the importance of a safe and healthy lifestyle—from communication and trust in relationships to healthy methods of coping with conflict and hardship—build a prevention curriculum that invites participants to engage themselves in the process of learning about and living a disease-free lifestyle. Changing the Message favors prevention, offers healing processes, and directs youth toward strong life choices.

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