Buzz Bocher

Buzz Bocher is president of the Institute for Experiential Education and, with Dan Miller, the co-creator of Chiji Processing Cards.  He is the instructor of environmental studies at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse and the former director of the university’s ropes and challenge course.

Book: The Processing Pinnacle: An Educator’s Guide to Better Processing/co-author

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Books by Buzz Bocher

The Processing Pinnacle: An Educator’s Guide to Better Processing

Easy to implement and conversational in tone, The Processing Pinnacle contains valuable guidance for anyone who teaches or facilitates experientially. The authors offer a theoretical approach to more effective processing, the reflective component of experience. Utilizing the metaphor of the mountain, they demonstrate how and when certain facilitator methods may elicit immediate response and make a lasting impression on the individual, encouraging reflection as a personal response to life experience.

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