Carol Carlin

Carol Ruth Carlin is a career public school teacher who has always employed active learning techniques in her classroom.  She began her career as an English/Social Studies teacher, progressed through speech and the graphic arts and into leadership development.  Her journey included participation as an adult leadership trainer for both the state and national teacher’s associations’ peer leadership training programs. That experience lead Carol to understand the power of collaborative leadership training to empower people to discover the value of their own strengths and contributions.  That experience, along with a cooperative educational team, allowed her to develop a highly successful high school residential leadership training program.

Carol is currently semi-retired, teaching at both the community college and teacher graduate studies level.  She continues to volunteer in the community.  The opportunity to work with the development of this collaborative leadership curriculum has been a delight.  The genuine collaborative style exhibited by Laurie Frank, the key author and project coordinator, has been both validating and inspirational.

01 The Bookmaking Experience: An Educator’s Guide to Student Made Books/co-author
02 Leading Together: Foundations of Collaborative Leadership for the Classroom/co-author

Books by Carol Carlin

The Bookmaking Experience: An Educator’s Guide to Student Made Books

Human development as embodied in learning is complex, multidimensional, and challenging. Everyone can be involved. Making books provides a fun, challenging, creative, and practical tool to guide that journey. We welcome you to join in the fun, laughter, excitement, appreciation, challenge and pride of accomplishment that draw us to lifelong learning.

Leading Together: Foundations of Collaborative Leadership for the Classroom

Leading Together provides a thorough and straightforward foundation for teaching the roles and responsibilities of collaborative leadership in the classroom, grades 8 – 12. Students learn how the strengths of relationships—the power of people working together—can make change, achieve goals, and help them meet the challenges they face. The exercises, readings, and activities encourage students to reflect on their own experiences in order to develop leadership skills and values.

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