Jack Christ, Ph.D.

Dr. Jack Christ earned a Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania and joined the faculty of Ripon College in 1970. In 1980, he founded the Leadership Studies Program at Ripon College, the world’s first undergraduate liberal-arts academic program offering a minor in Leadership Studies. In 1994, he wrote the report for a Wisconsin Governor’s Commission which led to the creation of the Wisconsin Leadership Institute (WLI) and its primary initiative, the Collaborative Leadership Network (CLN). He has served as WLI Executive Director since 1996. He helped create the Ethical Leadership Program at Ripon College in 2004 and currently serves as its Research Director. He is President and CEO of two corporations: Video Age Productions, which produces video programs for the educational marketplace and for public television; and Pluribus, which is devoted to demonstrating the practical value of ethical leadership, global collaboration, and life-long learning. Jack and his wife Bev have two adult children and several pets.

Book: Leading Together: Foundations of Collaborative Leadership for the Classroom/co-author

Books by Jack Christ, Ph.D.

Leading Together: Foundations of Collaborative Leadership for the Classroom

Leading Together provides a thorough and straightforward foundation for teaching the roles and responsibilities of collaborative leadership in the classroom, grades 8 – 12. Students learn how the strengths of relationships—the power of people working together—can make change, achieve goals, and help them meet the challenges they face. The exercises, readings, and activities encourage students to reflect on their own experiences in order to develop leadership skills and values.

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