Frederick Kaiser

Fred Kaiser has been in education since 1989. In high school, he was told that a four year college may not be in his future. He went anyway. His cooperating teacher in college was told by the University, “He may not make it through.” He was the best student teacher his cooperating teacher ever had. Mr. Kaiser just wanted to teach. He received his Bachelors of Science degree in Physical Education from Eastern Illinois University and Masters of Science in School Administration from Northern Illinois University. He began teaching in McHenry at McHenry Middle School, then came back to his roots to teach where he went to school at Lundahl Middle School in Crystal Lake, Illinois. Over the years, Mr. Kaiser has also coached basketball and wrestling.
Fred is a recognized speaker and presenter in Illinois. He holds workshops around the country, motivating teachers and students with his creative curriculums. He has been recognized and awarded nationally through the National Association of Sports and Physical Education (NASPE) and in his community for his accomplishments and contributions. Mr. Kaiser’s top awards include:
NORTHEASTERN DISTRICT – (April, 2007) Illinois Middle School Physical Education Teacher of the Year Award
STATE OF ILLINOIS – (May, 2007) Illinois Middle School Physical Education Teacher of the Year Award
MIDWEST REGION – (September, 2007) Middle School Physical Education Teacher of the Year Award
NATIONAL (NASPE)– (August, 2008) Finalist of six for National Middle School Physical Education Teacher of the Year Award
In 1986, while in college, Fred and a friend started a screen printing business, Think Ink, Inc. Screen Printing and Graphic Design. This is now a family business and produces printed tee shirts nationally. In 2012, Mr. Kaiser started a business with another friend and physical education teacher, Endorphin Adventures, Inc. The company promotes adventure and risk taking activities in the outdoors. Its flagship event is Rundezvous—Frontier Survival Race, a race that includes skills from the early 1800s of outdoor survival. The company also puts on programs and training in adventure education.
Mr. Kaiser is an accomplished woodworker with a dedicated shop for building furniture. He also enjoys spending time working on his next new idea or concept for education, home, or personal challenges. Spending time with his family and friends is something he values more and more every day.
Over a dozen schools have developed their own 24 Hour Challenge Run after seeing Mr. Kaiser’s presentations or the run itself. The event has been covered on local television news seven times. Lundahl Middle School is identified in the community by this event. Over the years, university students and professors from around the state have observed the 24 Hour Run, fitness marathon, and warrior training. Contact Mr. Kaiser for more information about the 24 Hour Challenge Run and his other ideas and programs:
Fred Kaiser
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Endorphin Adventures, Inc. —

Books by Frederick Kaiser

The 24 Hour Run Experience: Building Characteristics of Success One Step at a Time

The 24 Hour Run Experience will inspire you with the story of one school’s challenge to motivate students to do the impossible through physical education. This book includes the experiences leading up to the 24 Hour Run, hour by hour observations and reflections, and inspirational quotes that tell the story. The journey and the experiences are powerful—joyful and heartbreaking, but also successful. The ripple effect of the 24 Hour Run will continue for a long time. Success is a powerful motivator. Learning how to be successful and putting it into practice repeatedly can be life changing.

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