Jackie Gerstein

Jackie Gerstein has been an educator for over 20 years, working in a variety of settings—outdoor and experiential education programs, public and private K-12 schools, and state universities.  Her own passions in education revolve around differentiating instruction, brain compatible learning, experiential education, use of kinesiology and art to teach content area skills, and multicultural education.

Book: Metaphors for Living: Stories and Related Experiential Exercises for Individual, Group, and Family Growth

Books by Jackie Gerstein

Metaphors for Living: Stories & Related Experiential Exercises for Individual, Group, & Family Growth

A collection of metaphorical stories and accompanying activities for enacting parts of these stories by producing visual art and encouraging group or family discussion and collaboration. Counselors can utilize the storytelling/enactment pairing to allow individuals to identify with the story and apply its metaphors to their lives, encouraging them to develop problem-solving techniques and express emotions that promote individual, group, and family growth.

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