Micah Jacobson

Micah Jacobson has presented to over 1,000,000 students, educators, and parents throughout North America since 1990.  He has been a trainer for the United Nation Youth Forum, The Association of Young Leaders in Russia, student leadership organizations throughout the US and Canada including NASC, FBLA, CSLC and many others. The core of Micah’s work has always been experiential education.
As a cofounder of The Boomerang Project, Micah co-leads its nationally recognized transition and orientation programs, Link Crew and WEB. Link Crew and WEB together reach more than 4 million freshmen and 6th graders each fall in more than 4,000 schools in 6 different countries, helping to create positive school climates where kids feel comfortable, engaged, and successful. The Boomerang Project also produces outstanding faculty in-service, teacher training, and Open to Outcome Workshops.
Micah holds an MBA from the University of Michigan and in addition to working in education has been a manager for both consulting and technology companies. His passion continues to be working to help people engage more actively in their own lives.

Contact Information:
Boomerang Project

Books by Micah Jacobson

Open to Outcome 2 Edition: A Practical Guide for Facilitating & Teaching Experiential Reflection

With the first edition of Open to Outcome, tens of thousands of educators and learners experienced and benefited from The 5 Questions model for facilitating reflective discussions. Significant improvements to this second edition build on the solid foundation of the first, making this proven processing method even more powerful and effective!

Springboard: Quick Creative Activities to Launch Learning

Springboards contains 50 creative activities and demonstrations designed to address—in 15 minutes or less—topics like goal setting, focusing attentions, achieving the “impossible,” time management, and teamwork. Group leaders, therapists, experiential program facilitators, and educators of all kinds will appreciate these quick, emotive activities deliberately designed to draw participants’ attention and encourage deep thinking and learning.

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