John Conway, LCSW, CADC

After receiving his MSW from Loyola University in 1996, John Conway, LCSW, CADC focused his passion for the outdoors and use of experiential teaching and learning toward assisting individuals, families, and other groups of people in achieving their potential. John is an international trainer in the field of adventure and experiential therapy, with an emphasis on family systems and creating healthy relationships. John has been invited to present at multiple professional conferences in the U. S. and abroad.  Additionally, John sits on the board of the Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Industry Council (OBHIC), the mission of which is to raise the bar for wilderness treatment and facilitate research on the efficacy of such treatment for adolescents and young adults. As a corporate trainer, John has worked with hundreds of professionals from around the world, using cooperative success strategies to motivate, challenge, and facilitate leadership skills and increased productivity. With over 500 days of backcountry experience, John has spent the last 24 years working with people of all ages to set goals, find solutions and maximize success. John has brought these same skills to schools, colleges and universities, working with students as well as faculty to achieve greater academic success and professional identity development. As a husband and father of two daughters, John enjoys sharing his passion with his own family, finding balance and joy in the things that the outdoors has to offer.

Books by John Conway, LCSW, CADC

Power of Family: An Experiential Approach to Family Treatment

The authors invite you to explore the intentional use of interactive interventions as a primary methodology in family treatment. The activities they introduce into the therapy office provide an immediate context for witnessing how the family functions first-hand. In this manner, families reveal systems, structures, cognitive and emotional processes, strategies, communication styles, approaches to problem-solving, as well as other issues traditionally targeted in the process of family treatment. The intent is to provide an environment that allows family members to freely and genuinely demonstrate their strengths and limitations.

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