Paula Bickel

Paula Bickel has been an educator in various grade levels for over 20 years working in public, private and travel settings. Her passions include reading and writing differentiation education, multicultural awareness education and social justice awareness education. Her love of cross curricular Language Arts/Art projects led to her involvement with bookmaking which not only allows and promotes creativity but also individual productivity with her favorite group of people in the world, twelve- and thirteen-year-olds!

Book: The Bookmaking Experience: An Educator’s Guide to Student Made Books/co-author

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Books by Paula Bickel

The Bookmaking Experience: An Educator’s Guide to Student Made Books

Human development as embodied in learning is complex, multidimensional, and challenging. Everyone can be involved. Making books provides a fun, challenging, creative, and practical tool to guide that journey. We welcome you to join in the fun, laughter, excitement, appreciation, challenge and pride of accomplishment that draw us to lifelong learning.

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