Greg Robinson

Greg Robinson is currently president of Challenge Quest, LLC in Pryor, Oklahoma. Previous to coming to Challenge Quest, Greg spent 5 years with Williams in Tulsa, Oklahoma as a managing organization development consultant.  He also was the coordinator of experiential training at John Brown University.  His professional career also included 10 years of youth ministry and 4 years of college ministry.

Greg has a PhD in Organizational Behavior and Leadership from The Union Institute and University in Cincinnati, Ohio.  He also has an MS in Counseling from John Brown University.

Greg’s professional career has concentrated in the areas of team development, leadership development, and facilitation and consulting with organizational change efforts.  He has coauthored three books with Mark Rose: Teams for a New Generation: An Introduction to Collective Learning; A Leadership Paradox: Influencing Others by Defining Yourself; and their newest book, Teams for a New Generation: A Facilitator’s Field Guide.

Greg currently resides with his wife Jeannie, his daughter Keely, and son Kobe in Pryor, Oklahoma.

Book: Adventure and the Way of Jesus: An Experiential Approach to Spiritual Formation

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Challenge Quest, LLC


Books by Greg Robinson

Lessons of the Way: Using Adventure Activities to Explore the Way of Jesus

Lessons of the Way is a unique and comprehensive approach to spiritual formation and discipleship to Jesus that is grounded in the knowledge and use of experiential education. Stories, scriptures, activities and questions create the basis for action, reflection, change and growth. Here is an in-depth, practical resource for facilitators and leaders who want to embrace and share the foundational truths of spiritual formation found in its forerunner, Adventure and the Way of Jesus.

Adventure and the Way of Jesus: An Experiential Approach to Spiritual Formation

What things are best suited to help others grow spiritually, and what equipment is at the disposal of the spiritual facilitator?” Spiritual facilitators help others through their own presence, the conditions they create and maintain, and the effective use of questions to point, nudge, direct, and teach those who want to learn. One of the best contexts for discovery is experiential learning. This is a type of learning that requires action, reflection, and an undetermined result. In a word, spiritual formation requires adventure.

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