Mark Rose

Mark Rose is a senior consultant with Challenge Quest, LLC and owner of MG Rose Enterprises, Inc.  He works in a variety of areas for Challenge Quest including business development.  Prior to working with Challenge Quest, Mark was the Program Manager for Executive Training ~ Team Quest with The University of Oklahoma. His main focus is equipping teams with skills and tools to become more effective. He received his B.A. in Public Relations and his Master’s of Human Relations degree from The University of Oklahoma.

Mark is a professional photographer who enjoys applying a photojournalist style to his photography.  He does portrait, commercial and stock photography work for clients in North America and Europe. He is also a certified challenge course instructor who has worked in the experiential learning field with clients in non-profit companies, government agencies and corporations.  Mark is a skilled facilitator, and excels in his ability to enable clients to relate challenge course behaviors to actual work and home behaviors.  He co-authored A Leadership Paradox: Influencing Others by Defining Yourself-Revised Edition and Teams for a New Generation: A Facilitator’s Field Guide.

Mark lives in Oklahoma City with his wonderful wife and two daughters Abbi (10) and Avery (6).

Book: Lessons of the Way: Using Adventure Activities to Explore the Way of Jesus

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Books by Mark Rose

Lessons of the Way: Using Adventure Activities to Explore the Way of Jesus

Lessons of the Way is a unique and comprehensive approach to spiritual formation and discipleship to Jesus that is grounded in the knowledge and use of experiential education. Stories, scriptures, activities and questions create the basis for action, reflection, change and growth. Here is an in-depth, practical resource for facilitators and leaders who want to embrace and share the foundational truths of spiritual formation found in its forerunner, Adventure and the Way of Jesus.

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